Ref: ENPD225
Ref Mcmining:

Brand: ENPAC
Ref Mcmining Quantite

Technical Specification:

absorbs liquids of any viscosity, leaving surfaces clean and dry.
*Note: Cannot be used with Hydrofluoric Acid (HF).

- Virtually unlimited uses as a dry absorbent that is safe in all applications.
- Picks up all liquids, of any viscosity, off any hard surface, leaving that surface clean and dry.
- Turns the spilled liquid into a solid that can be disposed of easily.
- Lightweight and simple to use, it dramatically reduces clean up costs, as well as the ever-increasing costs of disposal.
- Not injurious to soil, cement, asphalt, tile, plants, animals, or humans
- Contains no reactive chemicals, is not toxic, flammable, or biodegradable, and is environmentally safe and friendly.



- 15 to 20 times the absorption capacity of clay-based products.
- Extraordinary versatility in absorbing any kind of liquid or semi-liquid on contact and permanently encapsulates absorbed materials. This includes all animal, vegetable, mineral, petroleum, and chemical liquids*.



1.5 Cubic Ft. Bag